The purpose of the Council shall be to provide a peer organization of owners of small independent real estate brokerages and affiliates who aspire to enhance their business and status within the real estate industry by building strength in numbers, adhering to the code of ethics, code of integrity and sharing of information, support and education!

“The support I receive from CIREB is exactly what every independent broker needs. We gain knowledge about our business, and the dedication of our leaders to both the group and real estate industry shines through at every meeting. When I first went out on my own, I felt like the Lone Ranger at times. CIREB filled that void. Joining CIREB has offered support, encouragement and I am so glad to be a part of this fine group of like-minded brokers!”

– Connie Bequette Realty


Independent Brokers Code of Integrity

CIREB has adopted shared values to protect and further the American Dream of property ownership which our society has come to value and expect.

Independent Broker organizations contribute to the fabric of a strong community rooted in the wide private ownership of homes, businesses and land.

Indeed, it is the right of the People to institute new organizational structures, “laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” (from the Declaration of Independence)

Integrity is fundamental to the real estate profession such that the public has an expectation of trust, reliance and high level of fidelity.

These Standards of Integrity apply to all dealings of Independent Brokers, their agents and their affiliated employee, staff and representatives.

Independent Brokers subscribe to the following:

1.)  A Foundation of Educational Achievement

      Independent Brokers are either a high school graduate or has obtained a GED.

2.)  An Expectation of Higher Education and/or Expertise in Real Estate 

      Independent Brokers have, at minimum, an undergraduate degree from a reputable higher educational

institution and/or a recognized certification and/or designation in a recognized real estate area.

3.)  Subscribe to the Spirit and Letter of the Code of Ethics

Independent Brokers hold each other and themselves to the highest level of the REALTOR Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

4.)  Execute their Civil Duty

Independent Brokers are active citizens of their community, exercising their civil rights to vote, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly,  participate in neighborhood associations, community, state and federal governments and engage in the political process to the dictates of their conscience.

5.)  Give Back to their Community

Independent Brokers contribute to the community where they live and do business. They are leaders in charitable giving and lend a helping hand to their neighbors in need.

6.)  Are Leaders in their Profession

Independent Brokers seek to always improve their professionalism and participate in the leadership of local real estate organizations,      associations and community institutions as they best see fit giving their time, talents, skills and real estate expertise.

7.)  Set a High Standard of Public Dealings

Independent Brokers seek to set a high standard of interaction with the public, their clients, customers and each other.

They strive to raise the level of respect, civility and cooperation among is members, the real estate profession and our community.

We mutually pledge this to each other and more for we are creating the future our children will inherit.

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